Recipe testing

amba chefs had a great few days prepping food and serving it at a fabulous 50th birthday event on Saturday. The party was 1960s themed and the guests really threw themselves into the spirit of things – I saw more than one Sgt Pepper! A live band played a selection of 60s music and the party guests danced the night away.

amba chefs buffet dishes, lamb koftas with tzatziki sauce, Harissa and preserved lemon roasted chicken, baked salmon with roasted fennel, cherry tomatoes and red onion served alongside garlic roasted new potatoes with lemon, thyme and rosemary, barley salad with griddled broccoli and za’atar and Greek salad, went down a storm and we had many compliments.

Guess who had the daunting job of filleting the fish. Well she did do a stint at Steins’s in Padstow!

With a little more time on our hands we have been recipe testing. Angela baked a cake for Isabel’s first birthday:

A lavender birthday cake fit for a Princess

I have had a trial run for our Supper Club and cooked pumpkin risotto garnished with pan-fried mushrooms and toasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin oil followed by supremes with roasted garlic and tarragon brioche pudding served with a pea and tarragon jus:

And today I made an attempt at Parmesan gnocchi with beef and pork ragu and basil and Parmesan shavings. Little pillows of delight:


This weekend we are catering at another 50th birthday event, this time canapés. Watch this space for more news and photographs.

Speak to you soon.
























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