Recipe testing (it’s all in the preparation)

Last week we took the opportunity to do some recipe testing (a rather self-indulgent pastime). We’ve all been quite busy over recent times so it was really good to get our ‘hands dirty’ in the kitchen. And, of course, recipe testing means relentless pouring over cookery books trying to avoid the temptation of purchasing yet another. You really can’t have too many cookery books but I have to keep reminding myself that Christmas is coming (and the bookshelf is already getting fat).

Monica and Angela took to our Battersea kitchen to perfect some Supper Club dishes:

Pasta by hand. Is there any other way?
Pasta by hand. Is there any other way?

image image image


I trialled some recipes in my own kitchen and then enjoyed a delicious Sunday lunch. Please do try the pumpkin risotto at home and thank you Michael Caines.

image image image

Beth took a trip to Cambridge and purchased these beautiful vintage cake stands in anticipation of our garden party events.

Afternoon tea?
Afternoon tea?

We are all now fully engrossed in the preparations for our launch on 13 November and our first Supper Club on 19 November. We anticipate preparing in excess of 600 canapés for the launch (I feel the need to sit down with a large glass of red but I think the grape will have to wait). We are really excited about both events and look forward to meeting our guests and showcasing our food and premises. In between all the fun and frivolity we have been getting down to the serious business of running, well, a business. I think it is fair to say that we’d all rather be being creative in the kitchen than pouring over projection spreadsheets and health and safety documents but, as the catering jobs are really starting to build up, we realise the importance of the back room work.

Over the next few weeks we have some serious Christmas event planning to do  along with our second Supper Club due to be held on 15 December. Please keep following our blog and watch this space for news and photographs. Please also remember that we have a Facebook page and we are on Twitter. Speak to you soon.


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